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In today’s world, small and medium sized businesses are shifting their trends to equip their workplace with the latest technology. It helps them to conduct business in a strategic way and plan their business to get the competitive edge. Shifting the trend towards technology helps better product development, customer tracking and the marketing process.

You might have taken steps to get your business invested in the latest technology, but there may be a number of things that you have not yet considered. The following strategies will help you perform your tasks in a timely manner. Time saving and accuracy of work will be enhanced, allowing you to conduct your business more effectively. Here are some of the technology-based strategies that will help you in boosting your business.

1. Using Social Media to Boost Sales

Social media networks are helping small and medium sized businesses attract more customers and target them effectively. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are driving tools for your business to boost sales. With the proper implementation of social media strategy, you can enhance your brand, become prominent and interact with both your existing and potential customers as well as building an online community. There are several online communities that can provide a platform for your business which will help keep you ahead of your competitors. Hire a social media strategist to boost your sales.

2. Ensure Proper Online Platforms to Conduct Business

Things have changed a lot with the evolution of technology and that is why most companies are using different online systems to conduct an effective business operation. For example, finance managers use QuickBooks and Oracle to conduct all financial transactions, reporting and forecasting. Rather than relying on paperwork, the managers can easily conduct financial management in less time.

Similarly, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is helping owners build a better relationship with customers, checking on their past transactions and communicating with them.

Workload management has made it easy for owners to keep track of their employees on their tablet or mobile without having to meet with them directly at a designated place.

You can adopt these systems according to your business nature and requirements.

3. Connecting Teams Virtually Within the Company

Create employee portals and team sites to help individuals work successfully across the organization, irrespective of where the location is or the team. You will wipe out “corporate silos” that cut off communication because workers can now use technology to connect with others working on similar projects or find specialists to answer their questions throughout the organization.

4. Implementation of the Cloud System

The Cloud System is a very useful system used today by many small and large companies and has moved the technology paradigm for private companies. The Cloud System is a reliable and inexpensive way to store important documents, files and other business related items. With different plans from monthly to yearly packages offered at a low price, you can simply store your documents online. It will not only give you a safe platform for storage, but it will also allow your employees to access the documents, no matter where they are.

5. Develop a Mobile Application

We have all been reliant on technology, and the next step is developing a mobile application for your business which can bring about an interesting change. A well designed application for your business can open up the opportunities to build customer interaction and give them updates about your business. People are frequently on the move and don’t have time to access your website on a laptop. With a simple mobile application, your customer can get the latest updates about your business and stay in touch with just a single tap.

I hope that these tips will help you generate more traffic towards your business. By shifting your business to different technology-based strategies, you can generate additional revenue and manage your time and employees more effectively.

Create A Pen Drive Business Card | casinoplenet.ga

Want to save paper, save money and wow your business contacts at the same time? Use a cheap key chain “pen drive” (a small flash memory card that jacks to a USB port) to create an interactive “business card” that will stand way out from the crowd.

Upload the drive with your filled-in Outlook/Plaxo contact or virtual business card and add a few free offerings such as an short MP3 demo of a class or training, a white paper, workbook, ebook – whatever is pertinent to your business. Keep the drive with you and whenever someone is talking to you about your work and has access to gear that will accept your drive (PDA, laptop, pocket PC, USB-capable smart-phone, etc), you can just offer to download your inclusive package into their device.

No more agonizingly expensive waste of newly obsolete business cards whenever you need to update or change your contact information. One less “what do I do with this” business card for your contacts to have to deal with when they get home from whatever networking event you’ve connected at. And you can constantly tweak the content for relevance, change seasonal discounts, update with limited special offers, and so on!

A few caveats:

1. Choose your selections carefully. Opt for high-value, high-return options that will benefit the receiver, not just the giver. You can include a brochure, if it seems appropriate, but make the bulk of your offering valuable, pertinent and something they’ll want to pass on to friends (taking your information with it)!

2. Respect your contact’s time and available memory! Make sure that you don’t pack it so full that it will overload smaller devices or take 20 minutes to download! If you have large-file offerings you’d like to share, consider creating a single html “web page” to download instead, with the links embedded in it. Your contact then simply opens the page, logs onto their ISP and clicks through to get all the great stuff you want to share!

3. Don’t push! Not everyone is comfortable letting just anyone download stuff into his or her devices. If this is a concern, offer to take their card and send them the information via email. You’ve already made a good impression just by being ready and willing to pass on valuable items on the spot. Anything beyond that is pure gravy.

With just a bit of careful decision-making and common sense, a pen drive business card can be an amazingly successful vehicle for generating greater interaction, creating an environment of valuable informational exchange and providing a source of interesting conversation. It can include anything from a PowerPoint presentation to a multi-media product demo to an audio/video clip of your services or presentation skill – all condensed into one tiny, cigarette lighter-sized bauble. You can even buy them in designer shapes and colors, or imprinted with your logo. And, while we have been discussing mainly business applications, it is a technology that lends itself to a nearly infinite variety of adaptations. How many ways you can think of to use this idea?